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Curriculum Overview

Oneida Area Daycare uses the Creative Curriculum throughout the center. It begins in our older infants room and goes through to Pre-K. We provide developmentally appropriate activities to promote active learning and progress in all developmental areas. The children learn through routines, exploration and discovery. The children are assessed through observations three to four times a year. The children are assessed in the areas of: Cognitive Development, Social Emotional Development, Language Development and Physical Development. Our curriculum is aligned with New York State’s early learning guidelines.

Infant Curriculum Overview

The most important accomplishment in the first months of life is to develop a secure attachment with primary caregivers. This establishes a sense of self at an early age. The babies are comforted, rocked/held, fed, changed and engaged with trained, qualified staff. Each child’s individual eating and sleeping schedules are followed. Infant development varies; we insure the children’s development is on track for them. We encourage the babies to hit all of their milestones.

Toddler Curriculum Overview

Our toddlers are exposed to a visually inviting and stimulating environment through developmentally appropriate experiences and activities. We are always hands on. Children learn differently and we provide a variety of different learning centers to touch every child’s needs. The children are assessed every 3 months to ensure they are on their own developmental track. We encourage growth in the areas of Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Language. We encourage self-help skills and daily communication. The staff creates theme-based activities on a weekly basis. They encourage learning through stories, songs, activities and play.


Our curriculum is aligned with the state early learning guidelines. We encourage growth through theme related activities and play. We help the children become more independent through family style meals; self help skills and freedom to choose their own choices. The children are assessed every four months to be sure they are on their own developmental track. The staff makes observations looking for growth in Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Language Development. The children follow a routine they become very familiar with. The children are given group activities along with the ability to do activities independently.

School Age

Our school age program helps the children individually with their schoolwork. The children are given assistance with their homework. During the summer, we do theme-based activities. The children will create a plan of what they want to explore and discover. We continue to encourage growth in the developmental areas of Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Language. We provide a variety of experiences for the children.